Client Testimonials:

“Kendra is a rock star of personal trainers! She takes a very complete approach to fitness and helped change my life. I’ve had weight issues my whole life. Never been a big fan of exercising or eating right. I was so out of shape when I started with Kendra and the results were amazing. Between my 1:1’s with her, the meal plans and workout routines she provided, I lost over 30 lbs, gained muscle, I’m off blood pressure meds and my cholesterol dropped. What makes Kendra stand out is her passion and completely customizing each workout to the individual. She pushed me but knew my limits. Each workout was unique, interesting, tough and results oriented. I continue to be amazed at what I’ve accomplished with her help. It is not possible to say enough good things about Kendra. She is professional, knowledgeable, and her encouragement will get you to where you want to be!”

“When I started training with Kendra just a few months ago, she saw my potential, heard my goals, and made a plan to help me get there. That first day I showed up nervous, unsure, and mentally and emotionally defeated. Since then, she has pushed, guided, motivated, and encouraged me to be great inside and outside the gym. Her positivity and kindness make her a JOY to work with and her drive and tenacity are contagious. I’ve seen the physical changes happening in my body over the last couple months, but the mental changes were immediate. Motivated by her persistence and dedication, I’ve found more fight and ambition in myself than I knew had. 10/10 🤙🔥”

“Over the past 6 months Kendra has kept me motivated, held me accountable and pushed me to see positive changes in my mind, body and health. I can’t say enough great things about her holistic approach, from healthy eating to strength training and creating a fun, positive environment to train in. Kendra has been such a positive influence in my life helping me become a healthier and happier person, meeting my fitness goals and letting my body serve me!”

“Kendra is a great trainer. She’s able to work with you on what you’re struggling with while keeping things simple so you never overwhelmed. Plus she actually listened to me when I said I had bad knees and adjusted accordingly which meant a lot because I never dreaded going with her because I knew she would push me to be better. She’s accessible and friendly and I highly recommend her!”

“Kendra is a great trainer. Below are few points I have experienced:
1. You will gain the knowledge and science behind fitness.
2. Would receive Motivation, technique and fun during the workouts.
3. Puts herself in your shoes before teaching the technique which really helps. (For example understands if you have knee pain, back pain etc.. end of the session you will get stronger and would not believe what you have achieved)
4. Helps with all the queries you have, believe me I had lot of queries ..
5. Always shares and recommends good foods during meal plan journey.
6. Always smiling and keeps the environment happy.”

“Kendra is an amazing personal trainer. After working out alone and seeing no results for months, she literally changed my life with her knowledge about nutrition, specific advice on diets/macros to fit my goals and efficient workout plans. Now I waste less time in the gym, and I am getting results I would only dream of before I met her. Recommend 100%!”

“Kendra is an awesome trainer. I started working with her back in October and even though I had my low spots, she never gave up on me and held me accountable. I learned a lot of excercises and proper weight lifting techniques . Thank you Kendra!”

“Kendra is a kind person who will listen to your needs. She works hard to develop a plan that is individualized for you. There is no “one size fits all” with Kendra. I loved how she would customize my workouts that fit into the physical limitations I was struggling with. She’s a beast. I recommend Kendra to anyone who needs basic help to the power pushers.”

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